• About Us

    The Singing River Sculptures honor and celebrate the legendary music heritage of the Muscle Shoals area of northwest Alabama.  Out of this collection of small towns, knit together almost as one, on the shores of the great Tennessee River, came sounds that shook the music world in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. (See Our Music Heritage for details.)  Semi-abstract figures, sculpted from recycled aluminum, and depicting a music influence or genre of significance to the region, will rise 18 to 20 ft above each of our four major cities.   The cities are Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia.  (See Our Community.)

    As the four "city sculptures," as we call them, take form a second phase will begin--an even more dramatic and monumental series of sculptures.  At a strategic spot overlooking our Singing River (the Tennessee R) a cluster of 7 music heritage sculptures will rise into the air.  At about 30 ft in height each, they will be visible from across the river and from the river itself.  Forming a well-landscaped sculpture garden, the site will become a mecca for tourists and also offer an outdoor music venue for live events.

    All this is possible through the generosity of Wise Alloys, a Muscle Shoals industry committed to an exceptional level of corporate citizenship.  Wise is providing all of the material--recycled aluminum--for the project.  Private citizens, businesses, civic clubs and corporations, as well as each of the four cities, are also contributing to this civic art project. 

    Thanks to a grant from the Daniel Foundation of Birminghgam, metalwork artist Audwin McGee of Tuscumbia has crafted two small scale models of possible designs.  They can be viewed at the Tennessee Valley Art Museum, the regional arts organization serving as the fiscal agent for the project.